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Embrace the
Play to Earn Revolution
Enter the World of
Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of Unseen, a game that beautifully fuses strategic card battles with the fascinating universe of collectible NFTs.
The Mythical
Embark on a journey through the mythical world of Unseen, where ancient magic fills the air. Unearth mystical NFT cards, allying with legendary heroes of lore.
Fight For
the LUME
Unveil groundbreaking, unseen game mechanics, from time-travel to intricate blockchain traps. Dive into this captivating adventure and redefine the limits of what's possible in gaming.
Born in a volcanic abyss, Drakenfire embodies flames and fury. His head erupts like a volcano, fingers tipped with burning embers. He rules the fire realm with an iron fist.
Super Skills
Inferno Surge, Ember Shield, Pyroclasm
Signature Equipment
Volcanic Ring, Ember Gauntlets
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Discover The
Skip Elements & characters discovery
Super Skills
Inferno Surge, Ember Shield, Pyroclasm
Signature Equipment
Volcanic Ring, Ember Gauntlets
A One Of A Kind Game
That Pays You To Play
We won’t
let you
sit idle!
Experience semi-automated gameplay that tests your skills and keeps you on your toes. Don't let a losing streak bring you down - use the randomly popping Flash or activate your Super-skill to turn the tide of the battle.
Unique gameplay each time with advanced mechanics. Create complex traps and strategies to deceive your opponents and gain an edge in the battle.
Enhanced Gameplay
Embark on immersive interactions with AI Summoners, unraveling clues and delving into uncharted paths. Refine your strategy through personalized challenges, unlocking untapped potential.
The Game Is
Unlock true ownership of your in-game assets with our player-centric approach. Effortlessly trade and transform assets via our centralized marketplace. Gain rewards by crafting challenges for fellow players
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  • M
  • F.S
  • K.B
  • U.S
  • C.H
  • V.V
  • S.K
  • V.K.N
  • M.A
Frequently Asked
    What is Origins of Lume?
    Origins of Lume (OOL) is a collectible NFT trading card game that unfolds the tale of a cosmic clash between celestial entities known as the Auras and their rivals, the Inanis. The game involves strategic card play where you strategically build and assemble a team of monsters to beat your opponents in battle. The objective is to vanquish all of your adversary's monsters while gathering the Lume energy released during the conflict.